President of 36 Bleecker Owner LP

For every residence we create our goal is, at the least, to be the pride of the neighborhood. It is inspiring to us to create buildings that can add a positive and new note to the architectural music of a great city. We tend to work in cities we either grew up in or love so each building we create is very personal to us and the opinion of each resident in every one of our buildings is something we stake our reputation on.

We consider ourselves to be design developers whose job is to ceaselessly analyze every nuance and aspect of our product. Our goal is to bring you a home that is classically beautiful from the outside, drawing you to it, and delightful to be in. To that end, we have collaborated with architects whose work is artistically powerful - museum quality - with such stellar examples as Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie, Michael Graves & Associates and Pei Partnership Architects with I.M Pei. We also collaborate frequently with many of the world’s most significant artists, including Alex Katz, Robert Indiana, Robert Cottingham, Donald Sultan and Wendell Castle, among others.